Sandra with director Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity)

Los Angeles-based Image Streams is a full-service production company that focuses on preproduction and production of live-action sequences for visual effects compositing in feature films. Our shoots are done on location and on sound stages often utilizing green screen and blue screen set-ups.

Image Streams also produces short test scenes for feature development projects (Yogi Bear, Septimus Heap—Magyk, Lonely Dog, Marvin the Martian, Hong Kong Phooey, Police Academy 7 and Mr. Limpet).  With the same production values as full-length features, these sequences allow clients to evaluate their projects’ visual and dramatic potential, so their top decision-makers can determine the viability of moving forward.

Dedicated to producing the highest quality work, both technically and creatively, we aim to provide directors maximum creative flexibility and a seamless flow into post-production while being extremely cost efficient.

Working with major studios and film directors, the company’s production staff and crews are geared to interface and coordinate with main unit teams and visual effects supervisors or to work fully independently, whichever best suits clients needs.

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